Michael Mulligan

These are the works of one Michael Mulligan. A 28 year old photographer and web developer from Brunswick, Maine, Michael got his start shooting under contract as a pageant photographer for Miss Maine America. Michael now shoots Pageantry, as well as Portrait and Event photography. Michael feels at home in both the studio and the concert hall, and does his best to make sure his clients do as well. He brings a positive attitude and friendly atmosphere to every gathering he attends. Feel free to learn more about Michael and CoverThis Photography, browse my sample galleries, check out my services or contact me to book an event today! Did you know? Some contracts allow you to download the full-sized original JPGs of your event? You can share your images with friends and family through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter? You can chose your desired print type for photos while they are in the shopping cart? You can crop ordered photographs to remove shadows, bring out the subject and enhance the picture?